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You By Me: Vol. 1 (2010)Edit

Toh Kay-You By Me - Vol. 1

You By Me: Vol. 1

  1. I've Set Sail
  2. Downtown
  3. I Went In
  4. Tornado Joe
  5. Got Through Another One

Streetlight Lullabies (2011)Edit

Toh Kay - Streetlight Lullabies

Streetlight Lullabies

  1. Watch It Crash (cover of "Watch It Crash" by Streetlight Manifesto)
  2. Somewhere in the Between (cover of "Somewhere In The Between" by Streetlight Manifesto)
  3. Forty Days (cover of "Forty Days" by Streetlight Manifesto)
  4. We Will Fall Together (cover of "We Will Fall Together" by Streetlight Manifesto)
  5. Dear Sergio (cover of "Dear Sergio" by Catch 22)
  6. Would You Be Impressed? (cover of "Would You Be Impressed?" by Streetlight Manifesto)
  7. Sick and Sad (cover of "Sick And Sad" by Catch 22)
  8. A Moment of Silence (cover of "A Moment Of Silence" by Streetlight Manifesto)
  9. The Big Sleep (cover of "The Big Sleep" by Streetlight Manifesto)
  10. A Better Place, A Better Time (cover of "A Better Place, A Better Time" by Streetlight Manifesto)

You By Me: Vol. 2 (2014)Edit

Toh Kay-You By Me - Vol. 2

You By Me: Vol. 2

  1. Shantantitty Town
  2. The Man with the Skeleton Arms
  3. Hokum All Ye Faithful

Other SongsEdit

  1. The Hands That Thieve
  2. The Three Of Us
  3. Your Day Will Come

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