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Don't Tread On Hope

This song is by Today Is The Day and appears on the album Kiss The Pig (2004).

Goddamn you're a fucking imbecile so dumb you can't get it right I don't know oughta be your middle name get it right I hate you just because I want to I don't care if you bleed or die I'm so scared look at whos crown you wear dead for sure sigs my .45 pain listen to me don't tell me more afraid fucking betrayed I'm not your whore insande I'll show you insane I'll settle the score in blood all of it yours I am reborn across the sands of time I won't be looking back I'll ride until I fall I know which way is home the road to your ruin don't tread on hope fire that cannon every man standing the bombs are landing destroy this planet grab your knife make it right use your gun it's time for fun do what I say please don't ask why learn to betray please just don't cry you're the sucker hopeless fucker can't be saved by your mother little short man closet homo pissed his pants mommy said so got no dick got no brain
I'll see you live my pain

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