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How We Aim To Live

This song is by Tocotronic and appears on the album Wie wir leben wollen (2013).

He said:
'Here I'm just a tourist
I am only just passing through
The existence that I led here
Was as a member of someone else's review'

He said:
'And if that's how you really see it
Is it such an awful thought?
I'm an intruder in my own body
And here I'll be forever caught

He has no substance
He is just a hollow vault
He has no voice to speak of
To announce it would surely be fraud
He's is only a house
But a wall that separates us
He produces total silence
That which is known as love'

This isn't some kind of story
It's only a protocol
But it's something we could learn from
How we aim to live

We are learning as we are going
How we aim to live
A lesson we could learn from
How we aim to live
It is something how we could learn from

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