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Been There, Ain't Done That

This song is by Toby Keith.

Well I've seen a lot of heartache in my 50 odd years
I guess I'm not that different from a lot of my peers
Been married and divorced twice already
But still for a new love I'm always ready

In my search for love I've sure gone to some strange places
But there are some things I just won't do no matter how pretty the faces

Well I've downed a lot of beers in my time
Busted for pot and did some jail time
Now I try to cut back and keep myself in line
Just a few beers and a little wine

I'm just a lonely guy trying to stay in my comfort zone
Even though it's hard for me to be alone

Got some great kids that I support
I don't need to end up back in court

So I just work my shift and don't make waves
Act just like the other wage slaves

Seen more than my share of grief in my life
Weathered ups and downs and all kinds of strife

I met this young blond on Saturday night
She invited me to her single wide to my delight
Dirty dishes, crack pipe and a screaming tot
All of a sudden she didn't look so hot

Well I'm a lonely guy always looking for love
I've been there but I ain't doing that
Have no desire to, hell no
Been there ain't done that and I ain't going to

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