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This song is by Tobacco, features Aesop Rock and appears on the album Fucked Up Friends (2008).

Aesop Rock (spoken):
It's my duty to inform you
That Honey Bunches of Oats
Is the greatest cereal
Ever created by man;
Smart Start, a similar cereal,
Tsk, not as many clusters.
Gotta have clusters.

In to dust we go
Dirt, gum, hair, and snow.
In to dust we go
Hair, gum, dirt, and snow.

Aesop Rock:
Quixote comma Don,
Dine by the squatter's dogs
Scrapped by the shaman's overlay
Vomit a common grog
Overflood a levy hope it soak the very roots
We animate the council of the topiary wolves.
Move 'em out rawhide stood his ground like a two-headed hound
With God's eyes,
The botany's alive
And rotten me,
I'm Aesop, flip the fertilizer bombs,
Like water into the yawning of a skillful ivy arms.

The chubbiest canary in the mines overdoses
With a Canis lupus halitosis
Smells like guns and roses.
Honestly the bark and bite are equally shit.
Eve of the Zeke of the eager to dip up they meat but I spit.
Are you the singing bush? (yup)
Strictly quid in minor keys,
Definite mechanical reliance till the fiber screams "Tiger";
Look, bring your bangers to brawl,
And bringin' bangers and mash home for all, it's raw.

In to dust we go (Stop chewing gum.)
Hair, gum, dirt, and snow.
In to dust we go
Hair, gum, dirt, and snow.

Aesop Rock:
(Let's go)
Coyote comma Wile E.
Fighters never stand still;
Chase birds, dodge pianos and falling anvils.
Jaws gnawed on Now-And-Laters,
Apple, cherry, grape,
With green grass roots to float the topiary apes.
Sunny weather, the Macy's November with fewer tethers.
With spotlight to the city like a Bambi-eye collector.
Power Pill Fist, Donkey Kong chest, check the gesture
Pine cone avalanche, hit the decker.

20 wolves up, one down with our town
Squirrels in the chimney too stubborn for pumpin' out,
And for the record, can't say I blame the little bastards,
As tonight's I'm gonna to allow passion to practice with a pacifist.
Thor choked bad, gathered bloody flowers
To sprinkle on the human analog cadavers after.
With no gorilla sign language breakthrough for the moment
Just a Pitfall Harry over the closed then open ocean. (Biotch!)

In to dust we go
Dirt, gum, hair, and snow.
In to dust we go (The fuck am I on?)
Hair, gum, dirt, and snow.

Aesop Rock
(Check it)
Kenobi Comma Ben
Mingled with common men
He had the fangs of Genghis Khan
He had the heart of Gunga Din.
Tobacco in the bleachers
Bright confetti everywhere
To celebrate the influx of the topiary bears.
And when they infiltrate the picnics
With they limbs inside the honeycombs
They're grubbing to the oaks to club for shadows on your sunny home
Nobody knows your troubles
Your woes are holy-rolling
These jungles will discriminate
When grossly ever-growing.

Every bro and every trolling butter blowing
Every soldier
Every lawnmower motor moans revenge inside in otter.
We stock up on the ninety-nine octane and DDT
Like Seymour's little shop in a moment of "me, me, me".
God damn, garden clubs are partnered up
To share spare parts and such for John Deeres and lumber trucks.
Pardon us but what you took the panic buttons for?
This is not your parents' bio-organic war.

(No no no.)

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