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Help Youself

This song is by Tindersticks and appears on the album The Waiting Room (2016).

No charisma and no escape
I feel the loving, just let it stay
Very tidy and therefore
You can look inside yourself
And see which side you on
And you will help yourself

You just help yourself
Fans got you, fans speak
That no books to stands on them
Might give you a little peak
Got easy swim, feeling dead inside
Got a woman who's taking out a moment behind your back
Will you just help yourself
Take what you can
Lift yourself up mess

Like your teeth, you got a little smile
Got that itty-bitty feeling that you got me going on inside
I got my mind
I got my style
Don't waste your time you got a lot to find
You gonna leave behind
And you will help yourself
Take what you can
Make yourself a mess

You see the reason
You see the light
Got no books to read on your shelves
Gonna give you some of that insight
The fact is yours
It surely was
Now the guys and maybe I'm made out of flesh and blood
Got no love, and got no style
Well I can get up maybe I keep you here all night
And got no one
We got no escape
We got to keep by yourself
And you will help yourself
Take what you can
Make yourself a mess

I can't say that I like it
I can't say that I love it
Can't say not been the greatest breaking down from under
Can't play the bond, can't play the guitar
Gonna sing and stand over there some here
And leave you hanging out the bar
My time is here, my time is up
My time is sure and it is sure
As it always was
Buried tigers, they are a force
See beside yourself, which side you on.

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