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You Can Make It

This song is by Tina Glenn.

You Can Make It

The burden that you bear I know is strong
And your heart beats to an empty song
And when the right you've done still seems wrong
You've got to keep holding on despite the storm
For victory is yours

You can make it, when God is on your side
You can make it, though you don't have the strength to fight
No matter what the circumstance, still hold to what is true
You can make it, for God will help to see you through

Don't let the fear within you rule the day
For like forgotten dreams they'll fade away
And when you look back at the steps you've made
Through it all, though times were hard, He always made a way

Never fear that you're alone
For God still reigns upon the throne
So, turn your face into the rising sun for your day has just begun.

Chorus: (out)


Written by:

Raphael Pierre Hunt

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