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What I Know

This song is by Tina Glenn.

What I Know

Ever since I was a little child
I was taught that in a little while
You would come for me so I can be with you
Through the years You were by my side
Never left You, even though I tried
'Cause when I lost my way, You would clear the view

It's not too far where I'm going
It won't be long till the conclusion
When the story ends, You'll reign forever more
There's no fantacy in the knowledge
For the truth will be and time will tell it
Then the world will know for sure what I know

With a word You put the stars in place
With compassion saved me by the grace
That is flowing from the fountain of Your love
And I'm secure because I'm in Your hands
And I know You're coming back again
So I make this vow to let the whole world know

I know You gave Your life for broken man
And You're coming back again.
Oh, how I long to see Your face.
It's all because of mercy and grace

Music break:

Chorus: (out)


Written by:

Raphael Pierre Hunt

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