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This song is by Tina Charles and appears on the album I Love To Love (1976).

Why does my heart feel this way
Everytime you walk by it's always
The same oh why do I tremble with it
Send a shiver trough my skin
Is this how loves begins why
Does this feeling exists I'm unable
To resist what's happening to me

Why do I feel so alike and our being makes
Me rise by the stars in your eyes
I can't stop don't wanna stop what's going
Trough me like a kitten up a tree want you
Come and rescue me

Why does this feeling accured it is something
You start' deep within in me
Oh why do I tripp on more time give a certains
I am dying now I know your why

Why does my heart beat his way every time you
Walk by it's always the same
Oh why do I tremble with it send a shiver
Trough my skin is this how loves begins
Why oh why

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