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There's No Stopping Us Now

This song is by Tina Charles.

There's no stopping us now
Now we've found our way
There's no stopping us now
Our love I here to stay
Foolishly we've been apart
Breaking each other's heart
Stubborness and foolish pride
Caused us to put love aside
Loneliness we have known
Open up our eyes
To the love that was always there deep inside
Now that we face the unknown
I can't make it alone
We must be together more now than ever
Now that we've found love
We've got to hold on, love


The precious hours we have lost
We'll never regain
But together we have known
We'll push behind
Together forever we'll make love time
Now we're in each other's arm
Nothing can do us harm
Nothing can shake us
Nothing can break us
We'll be together forever and ever
Together, my darling for ever and ever


Never again shall foolish pride

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