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Standing Up

This song is by Tina Arena and appears on the album Don't Ask (1994).

There was a time
I was not so certain
All the games I played
Just multiplied the hurtin'

Mixed emotions
Never knowing right from wrong
I kept it all inside
Pretending to be strong

I'm a woman
To myself I must be true
Finally I believe
I know just what to do

I'm standing up
Willin' and I'm able now
I'm standing up
For the first time in my life
I'm standing up
Now I'm ready for love

I was pushed around
Until I came to find
My insecurity
Was just a state of mind

Even though I only
Had myself to blame
Now I've learnt to trust my heart
And I'll never be the same

I'm a woman
But just like anybody else
I've got a lot to give
Don't wanna keep it to myself

Ready for love...
Ready for love...
Ready for love...

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