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This song is by Tina Arena and appears on the album Don't Ask (1994).

Song Title - Message

Once again I sit and wonder
Something I said was so wrong
You're the one I really need now
Give me the strength to carry on
(Catch me when I fall)

There again I'm fallin'
Can you near me callin
I need you with me now

I've just got to get a message to you
It's only you I wanna run to
I'll do anything I can do
And I won't stop till I get through

I see myself pretending
Afraid that I'll fall behind
When I close my eyes I feel you
Your tender touch keeps me alive
(How do I survive?)
When I can't you say I can
No one else could understand
The thought I keep inside

Feel so alone
The feeling so strong
Your love sets me free
It's where I wanna be *2
Where I wanna be

Got to get a message - repeated till end

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