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Boiling in the Hourglass

This song is by Timeghoul and appears on the compilation album 1992-1994 Discography (2012).

Man's betrothed to time
Life a pageant of decay
All have a grain of sand
In the shower of the hourglass

Born was an idiot savant
Spared the bane of logic
Feeble minded yet gifted
Redemption of the curse
Conception of infinity
Dwell in lands man shuns
Poisoned fruit of Ambrosia
Chemistry of the divine
Granted fellowship only of dogs
Scorned as befits the dullard
Each act of cruelty towards him
Built his keep of vengeance
Falling further into the inverted pit
Broadening cognition
Plunging off the cliffs of impermanence
He became a god

Mortals float the river of time
While he drowned in its current
Clutching the dimensional roots of the shore
He stepped into the ceaseless beyond

Turning away from the flow of time
To a peak that pierced the bubbling sky
Grynpholg Mountain, lair of the Timeghouls
Blackest of hells, the fledgling god's home

The tribes of Pulk
Black hearted Timeghouls
Loose knit marauders of the time procession
Banded together under the god's sword
To wage a holocaust verse the age of man
Up and down streams of humans' feeble course
Grandiose massacres retrograde things to be
Burning paths of future souls
Erasing those that are
Last clock's reading: 11 past 11

I am a god, the prime being
I shall impale you
On the crumbled pillars of the millennia

Pendulum swings cutting the thread of continuum
The heavy hands of clocks strangle babes and men
Bells hang still and silent falling on the faithful
Earth's matter and light mathematically blur
The battered refugees of the prime dimension
Fall from the decayed, weathering remnants of stone
Ravaged epoch of the infinite truth becomes extinct
A tornado of eroding sand
Boiling in the hourglass

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