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The Only Thing

This song is by Time Of Orchids and appears on the album Namesake Caution (2007).

Affairs of clever penalty
Blushes in sullen senses
Risk anything for a taste
This fruit of fortresses

Suspect in labor lifelong
A vicious artistry unfolds
Spreading its figure into form
And though it's just out of your reach
Harsh words are used to bring you near
They speak of luster bound by shade...

And after all, it's a faultless divide
But it's only matter, a single moment
Into rush, what a high-minded crime

The treacherous pulse of savages

Harken back, villainy
Lingering golden rule
In the dread and nape
Armored lovers share alike
New theater veils its purposes
A baseborn urgency dwells
In the thickest skin
Wearing itself thin

With a cold and clamping hand
Withstand arrival assumed
A busybody in full view
Arching its way toward paradise
A fellow haunting in frame, sworn
Channels its dues, closer it looms

Bear the pain of wages won
Glimpses of our mythmakers
Bad tidings sent from majesty

In guise, it teems with in-betweens
Crowned naughtiest, lurches intrigue
A fond farewell to more than it seems

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