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Crib Tinge To Callow

This song is by Time Of Orchids and appears on the album Namesake Caution (2007).

All pardon the dawning of our rise
In actual dampest, dreariest deed
Crib tinge to callow youth
Storied free, thistles of scarlet sold
Purl, carriages home in harbinger

Wrested from clutches
Bravery, to a higher realm
Banished ilk

Able, kindred skin
These vaults let in

Brink of tears, thistles of scarlet sold
Play, courage to soar above this motion
In harmony, broken cradle, creation
Hands at the helm, desired
Left an impression

Bravery, hands at the grind
Ruby tawdrily to the soil worth

All pardon the dawning of our rise

Top of the world drawn tight to eyes
Statured ties in spite, sunken bright
A withering, mimicked, ribboned
Flawless, sheds its own

Pearl of scour and seethe
Alien, callow scent

This hex will end
This is not sleep

In blue, she sews
A sand, which grows
Complacency, suppose
Command, quip cloying

Main while, maiming route
Forewarn, where stresses lie
Filmic, spectral eyes bright


Lavishes innermost, tactic
Duration, arc lumbering, rogue
Given free of frenzy, into entry

Wrested from clutches

Castles clean, calling each
Our heart of hearts, protean
Chapters close, answer less
Indecorous, nesting charge
In harmony, from star to star

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