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Angel Lucifer

This song is by Time Machine and appears on the album Reviviscence (Liber Secundus) (2004).

At first I was an angel
Who then wanted to be
The lord of talking apes
Ruling their world

My reason was to challenge
The master of humanity
I didn't know, I wasn't aware
The angels would betray me
He doesn't talk to me anymore
And now there's that priest
The holy inquisition
They play those stupid tricks

I miss the light of the morning
Since I got to fall from grace
I dive in the sin
It's burning within
There's evil in every man
One lie & you'll be mine

Don't be scared to call my name
Welcome to my hell
I'll take your soul it's falling
In the darkness of my hands
I will give you that eternal life
The light has failed to give
I'll take your heart it's bleeding
For that love that never comes
I'll give you back the ones you cared for
You'll take your sweet revenge

One word & you'll be mine
Call my name & I'll be there
Welcome to my hell

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