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Welcome to Our World (1997)Edit

Timbaland & Magoo - Welcome to Our World

Welcome to Our World

  1. Beep Beep
  2. Feel It
  3. Up Jumps Da' Boogie (featuring Missy Elliot and Aaliyah)
  4. Clock Strikes (featuring Skillz)
  5. 15 After Da' Hour
  6. Ms. Parker
  7. Luv 2 Luv U (Remix) (featuring Shaunty Montgomery and Playa)
  8. Luv 2 Luv U (featuring St. Nick and Playa)
  9. Smoke in Da' Air (featuring Buddah Brother, Big B and DJ Law)
  10. Intro Buddha
  11. Peepin' My Style
  12. Writtin' Rhymes
  13. Deep in Your Memory
  14. Clock Strikes (Remix)
  15. Sex Beat (Interlude)
  16. Man Undercover (featuring Missy Elliot and Aaliyah)
  17. Joy (featuring Ginuwine and Playa)
  18. Up Jumps Da' Boogie (Remix)(featuring Missy Elliot and Aaliyah)

Indecent Proposal (2001)Edit

Timbaland & Magoo - Indecent Proposal

Indecent Proposal

  1. Intro (featuring DJ S&S)
  2. Drop (featuring Fatman Scoop)
  3. All Y'all (featuring Sebastian and Tweet)
  4. It's Your Night (featuring Sebastian and Sin)
  5. Indian Carpet (featuring Playa)
  6. Party People (featuring Jay-Z and Twista)
  7. People Like My Self (featuring Playa)
  8. Voice Mail (featuring Playa)
  9. Serious (featuring Petey Pablo)
  10. Roll Out (featuring Petey Pablo and Sebastian)
  11. Love Me (featuring Tweet and Petey Pablo)
  12. Baby Bubba (featuring Petey Pablo)
  13. In Time (featuring Ms. Jade and Skillz)
  14. Considerate Brotha (featuring Playa and Ludacris)
  15. Beat Club (featuring Troy Mitchell, Sin and Sebastian)
  16. I Am Music

Under Construction, Part 2 (2003)Edit

Timbaland & Magoo - Under Construction, Part 2

Under Construction, Part 2

  1. Intro / Straight Outta Virginia
  2. Cop That Shit (featuring Missy Elliot)
  3. Shenanigans (featuring Bubba Sparxxx)
  4. Leavin' (featuring Attitude)
  5. That Shit Ain't Gonna Work
  6. Dont Make Me Take It There (featuring Frank Lee White)
  7. Indian Flute (featuring Sebastian and Raje Shwari)
  8. Can We Do It Again
  9. Naughty Eye (featuring Sebastian and Raji Shwari)
  10. N 2 da Music (featuring Brandy)
  11. Hold On (featuring Wyclef Jean)
  12. Insane (featuring Candice "Gg" Nelson)
  13. Throwback
  14. Hold Cutz
  15. I Got Luv 4 Ya
  16. Naughty Eye II (Hips) (featuring Beenie Man)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Beep Me 911
  2. Clock Strikes (Video Remix)
  3. Cop That Sh*t
  4. Here We Come
  5. Intro/Straight Outta Virginia
  6. John Blaze
  7. Mr. Richards
  8. We at It Again

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