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Crazy Life

This song is by Tim Rushlow and appears on the album Tim Rushlow (2001).

Woke up with my tear stained pillow on the floor again
I think I had a bad dream,
'Cause I think I had a hard night
Cause you know it's been a crazy life

So I jump into the shower and
It feels like my whole body's cryin'
And it has been, 'cause I had a bad dream
I think I really had a hard night
Cause you know it's been a crazy life

Yeah but that's all right, I don't feel sad
I look outside, the weathers not bad
I know these times are the best I've ever had
And I think I'm gunna be all right
I think I'm guna do just fine
And I think I'm guna okay
I think I'm guna make it through this crazy life
This crazy life

Saw an old lady walkin' cross the street
I try to help her but she pushes me away
I think to myself she must be so scared
And I think she must be so tired
From livin' in this crazy life

I'm not tryin' to hide what's real
I know sometimes you get a raw deal
But life is short and time is cruel
But I can't help seein the glass half full, yeah

So I lay my poor tired head on the pillow again
And I pray to god maybe we all can sleep well
Maybe we can dream big
Cause you know it's guna be a crazy life

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