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The Great Divide

This song is by Tim McGraw and appears on the album All I Want (1995).

She was reading a book that she'd already read just to pass the time
He just sat there and stared at the TV set like he was barely alive
When the local news was over they would climb the stairs
Crawl in bed underneath the covers like neither one was there

And it's a long long way across the Great Divide
The songs that they once sang now echo far and wide
They could still get back all the love that they have lost
But only if they both will reach across
'Cause it's a long long way to the other side of the Great Divide

He was up in the attic on the Fourth of July as they flew a flag in the yard
When he found some roses she had long ago dried before they drifted apart
How the years had slipped right by them he didn't understand
He carried a petal into the kitchen and he placed it in her hand

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