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Forget About Us

This song is by Tim McGraw and appears on the album Set This Circus Down (2001).

I'm gonna drive on out
To the river tonight
Find a quiet spot
Turn on my parking lights
I'm gonna drink some beers
And try to catch a buzz
Turn my radio up
And forget about us

I'm gonna lay me down
On the hood of this car
Make another wish
Upon a falling star
I'm gonna think again
About the way it was
I'm gonna close my eyes
And forget about us

I know it won't be easy
But I've got a plan
To just let my memory
Let go of your hand
I'm gonna miss your touch
But I know I must
Forget about us

And when the morning sun
Burns across my face
I'll put my shirt back on
Get up and walk away
I'm gonna climb my frame
Onto a greyhound bus
Take a little blue pill
And forget about us

By the time I get to Phoenix
I won't know your name,
Those soft green eyes,
Your warm skin
And the way you say good mornin'
I'll be all right

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