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Gone Ain't Gone (2005)Edit

Tim Fite - Gone Ain't Gone
Gone Ain't Gone
  1. I Hope Yer There
  2. Toasted Rye
  3. No Good Here
  4. Eating at the Grocery Store with William
  5. Forty-Five Remedies
  6. I've Kept Singing (featuring Paul Robeson)
  7. Not a Hit Song
  8. Took a Wife
  9. Shook
  10. If I Had a Cop Show
  11. Flowers-Bloom
  12. A Little Bit
  13. Disgrace
  14. Mascara Lies
  15. Time Comes Around
  16. Away from the Snakes
  17. The More You Do

Over the Counter Culture (2006)Edit

Tim Fite - Over The Counter Culture
Over the Counter Culture
  1. Place Your Bets
  2. It's All Right Here
  3. Bacon
  4. And How
  5. Good Evening
  6. Over the Counterculture
  7. Camoflage
  8. Oh Well
  9. Hay Man
  10. Favorite Rapper
  11. I've Been Shot
  12. I'm Not Scared of You
  13. In Your Haire
  14. Take Us Out Mase
  15. Soup of the Day

Fair Ain't Fair (2008)Edit

Tim Fite - Fair Ain't Fair
Fair Ain't Fair
  1. Roots of a Tree
  2. Trouble
  3. The Barber
  4. Big Mistake
  5. Inside Man
  6. Rats and Rags
  7. Yesterday's Garden
  8. Thought I Was a Gun
  9. The Names of All the Animals
  10. Motorcade
  11. More Clothes
  12. Harriet Tubman
  13. My Hands
  14. Heaven Is War
  15. Sing Along
  16. Line by Line

Change of Heart (2009)Edit

Tim Fite - Change of Heart
Change of Heart
  1. A Better Fence
  2. Change of Heart
  3. Getting By
  4. Forever
  5. Hollow As Light
  6. You Are Not My Man
  7. Where Is My Woman
  8. Dagger Down
  9. Thinking About
  10. Waiting for Nothing

Under the Table Tennis (2010)Edit

Tim Fite - Under The Table Tennis
Under The Table Tennis
  1. For-Closure
  2. Oversight
  3. Someone Threw the Baby Out
  4. Not Covred
  5. Jobs
  6. ExExEx
  7. No Notice
  8. Never Lay Down
  9. Money Back
  10. Napkin
  11. Go Sell It On the Mountain
  12. WYNPM
  13. Support Tim Fite
  14. We Didn't Warn You
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