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Make Room

This song is by Tim Dog.

(Ooh God this is gonna be good)
(Wake up)
Yeah! Hahaha!
(Wake the fuck up, baby, this is WS... We don't give a fuck)

Make room, muthaphukka, make room (4x)

Make room for the muthaphukkin psychopath
Breakin rappers in half that don't know the math
Step to me if you're ready
You get chopped with a muthaphukkin machette
'Cause I don't give a fuck about you,
Your record company and your goddamn crew
All you pussies keep fakin the funk
Talkin' much shit when you're nothin' but a punk
But the Dog is back
To rip a fat track, 'cause I'm a black Mac
I'm your fuckin' nightmare
You better beware 'cause the Dog is here
I'll wax anybody
Bring it on, bring it on, I'm ready to party
Whatever you wanna do
You wanna roll with the guns, I got shit too
But ya better wear a bullet-proof vest
'Cause when I shoot to kill ain't nobody left
"Shoot to kill" is my motto
Fuckin' with death you should have gone and played lotto
Everybody thought you was crazy
Look at'cha now, you're fuckin' pushin up daisies
So everybody know the name of the muthaphukkin man that's insane...

Make room, muthaphukka, make room (19x)
Make room, muthaphukka, yeah

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