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I Don't Give A Fuck

This song is by Tim Dog.

Hey yo!
Check it out!
Check check the check a check it out!
Check it out!
Check check the check a check it out!

You're listenin to the muthaphukkin man himself
(Word up)
The D-O-G!
Yeah, there's a lotta dogs out there, huh
But face it: right about now,
You're dealin' with the hardest muthaphukka on the planet
(That's right)
Hey lemme tell you a little bit o' shit about myself
(Yeah, kick that shit)

Came out with a jam that had the whole world stompin
Title of the track: "Fuck Compton!"
Yeah, the record was a hit
And DJ Quik was on my muthaphukkin dick (haha)
Now you say the boy is a madman
I'm eatin more fowls than Pac-Man
I got props, loungin by the shops
I don't need cops I bust shots with my glock
Now bitches wanna see me
And punk muthaphukkaz on the charts wanna be me
I got the wick-ed (Hey yo, kick it)
Renegade style 'cause I'm versatile
I'm super superb master stereo, where are ya?
Heavier, I can never ever be scattier (Whoow)
'Cause my rhymes is the force
I get vexed (?? as I ??) trigger some crazy horse (word up)
You get torn a new asshole
And I'll pip slap that ass like my muthaphukkin last ho
The bitch is upset
She want a muthaphukkin L when she got Keith Sweat
But I'm still hittin skins
I cut her off back then, now I'm fuckin' all her friends (damn)
Yeah the Dog don't play
I got bitches in LA and around the way
So leave the drama for your mama
Niggaz talkin' shit when they don't know that I'm a
Crazy muthaphukka, I'll smoke you in a minute
Anytime you hear about a fight you know I'm in it
But you cuss, moan and ramble
And still don't realize that your life's a gamble
You gets nut, Dog is no bluff
Ruff and ruff I get tuff with the quick stuff

'Cause I don't give a fuck (Do that shit, do that shit, do it)
And you punk muthaphukkaz better shut the fuck up
I don't give a fuck, yeah (Do that shit, do that shit, do it)
All you bitch ass niggaz better shut the fuck up

Know what I'm sayin' ? (Word up)
Niggaz don't know how I'm livin' down here in this muthaphukka
(That's right yo)
You talkin' 'bout rollin' with a gat
They see you come with a bat
You know what I'm sayin'?
I'm smokin' niggaz on the mic
What the fuck is you doin' ? (Word up)
Hey yo, let me drop some shit to you all like this
(Drop that shit, Dog) (Kick it) (Let niggaz know)

I'm a terrorist, my mouth is a wax-o-phone
I'm blowin' shit up like a saxophone
When I step into the crowd niggaz are on
I grab the mic and start yes yo'in
Word up I'm about to tear shit up
And bitch ass niggaz can just shut the fuck up, go (?? head ??) up
Or get (?? wet ??) up, 'cause I'm dead up
I'll beat yo monkey ass and you know I won't let off
Kickin ass like a donkey
It's return of the muthaphukkin Hip-Hop junkie
Yeah, you say he's that good
Gold teeth, black shades and a muthaphukkin fat hood
But don't jump on my dick
Because I'll fuck you in the ass till it's covered with shit
Yeah boy I'm a freak
And if we was up North you'd be callin me Big Zeke (whoow)
'Cause when I'm on stage I do damage
I'm the muthaphukkin microphone bandit
I got rhymes pon cock
You get shot with the glock from my mouth, you'll be shocked
The wickedest man alive with the technique
Suckers try to get me, but don't even sweat me
'Cause when I rhyme shit is in order
Huh! I'm the man that fucked your daughter
I'm outta order, suckers think I'm sympathetic
They're pathetic, I won't let it
So punk, don't sweat it
I reign hard like thunder
Niggaz dissin me, gettin' put the fuck under
I got the notion, smooth like lotion
Even when I'm on stage bitches are open
So go push your luck
I ain't got shit to lose so I don't give a fuck

Yeah, see what I'm sayin' you bitch ass muthaphukka
(Do that shit, do that shit, do it)
Stop talkin' that ol' bullshit you're kickin
Yo jerry curl wearin bitch
Yeay, you keep rollin' with that muthaphukkin crew
We ain't even gotta go that way let's get on the mic
You don't wanna do that
'Cause I'll end yo fuckin' career
You bitch ass muthaphukka, yeah
And I'm out
(Do that shit, do that shit, do it)

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