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No Love On The Street

This song is by Tim Curry and appears on the album Fearless (1979) and on the compilation album The Best of Tim Curry (1989).

This song has been covered by Joe Bonamassa under the title "No Love On The Street".
Baby woke up nervous
She was sweating from the steam
Kicked off the covers
Fever burning bright
Paranoia night
Five alarm alert repeats
This city never beats you
But it buries you so deep
'Cause there ain't no love on the the street

Baby's breathing deeply
She's listening to her heart beat
Walks to the kitchen
Dishes in the sink
Baby doen't think it matters
Maybe read a magazine
And the colored girls go
'Cause there ain't no love
Ain't no love in the street
'Cause there ain't no love on the street

Baby needs a frame of reference
Some other place to go to
All night launderettes
Light a cigarette
Jump an usherette
Babe's an all night diner
And she's got a trucker's appetite
And ther ain't no love
Ain't no love on the street

Music by:

Michael Kamen Wikipedia16

Lyrics by:

Tim Curry

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