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Lost And Found

This song is by Tim Christensen and appears on the album Honeyburst (2003).

No one knows
Where you're going
Cause you don't show anything
There's no questions you reply
So no reason to deny
You just want it back

Came in close
For the big time
But an underdose tied you down
Now I got to elt you know
That I hate to see you go
But you just want it back

You begin
With everything to win
In whatever you try
You can't choose
Everything you lose
And whenever you try
You cry
Now that it's time to surrender
Whatever you try to remember

So no one knows
Where you're going
But I am close
I just have to see your face
When it all falls into place
Try and take it from a friend
You should ask yourself again
Oh no you don't want it back

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