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Don't Leave Me But Leave Me Alone

This song is by Tim Christensen and appears on the album Honeyburst (2003).

A respect overload
Blocks your way to get to know me well
But I won't hear what you say
From underneath my diamond shell

I don't know why I tell you
Do you believe me when I tell you

If you don't know the way
Why am I waiting for you here
We're so close in your mind
But separated by your fear

Have you got something against me
I've got nothing against you
I really wanna know you

You don't leave me, but leave me alone
I don't really need to be on my own
Reach for me - I cannot reach for you - no more
I don't see if you throw me a bone
I won't wait until the cowards come home
Reach for me - I really want you to
Ah that's a good girl

A respect overload
Is something I don't recommend
It might be easy to quit
But so damn hard not to start again

Ah that's a good girl
Oh such a good girl
Nobody told you
But I really wanted to
Out of the darkness
Into my emptiness

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