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This song is by Tim Buckley and appears on the album Tim Buckley (1966).

Although you've spoken many times before,
A sight of birth he leaves you by a door.
And now you know he doesn't understand.
And all you need is the warmth of his hand.

And if he'd smile your loving blood would dance,
One silent kiss leaves you in a trance.
And now you know you cannot live alone,
How you know your future is unknown.
One day the questions rise.
On wings of chance you fly.

And on that day your laughs and tears will die,
And fall as free as seabirds climb the skies.
And you will love when love comes your way.
And when it comes there's nothing more to say.
And now you know you don't need his hand.
And now you know he doesn't understand.
One day the questions die,
On wings of chance you fly.

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