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This song is by Tilt and appears on the album 'Til It Kills (1995).

In no condition
For your retribution
Are we rehearsing?
The pain dispersing
Verdict repeated
No words are needed
Have I been misled?
Alone apprehended

Leave me suspended
Leave me upended
Leave me suspended
So unprotected
Pull gently upward
Hoisted and tethered
Unseen and unheard
So undetected

Punishment fitting
I'm lifting and lifting
No more aquittal
Severe yet so simple
Play your vendetta
A weightless sonata
Ascension getting
An act I am regretting

From here you
Look so small
I'm swinging free
But I won't fall
Lights and drapes
Hang with me
How can you just
Turn and leave?


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