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​Sterile Heaven

This song is by Tilt and appears on the album Collect 'Em All (1998).

Congradulations on you recent acquisition
The bunker is convenient and easy to install
You've purchased the finest in home fortification
The comfort will please you and heighten your morale
Keenly concocted the barricade is comely
The entrance is impregnable and ready for assault
Safe in the knowledge
Your didn't waste your money
Lie back in your sanctum
You are untouchable

Sterile heaven hermetically sealed
For you protection and increase yield
Sterile heaven 'cause you're #1
Equipped with ample insulation

Under surveillance invaders are detected
External apparatus incarcerates them all
Flash incinerated and lightly disinfected
The ashes are bundled and packed in a vault
You accommodations are acoustically defended
You need not hear the death cries
We bring them to a halt
Encapsulation is highly recommended
In brocade or woodgrain or neoclassical

Airtight and quiet
Safe and self-reliant
With total privacy
Just keep the filter clean
You've taken the precaution
Of utter isolation
You buy serenity
You've read the warranty