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Play Cell

This song is by Tilt and appears on the album Play Cell (1993).

Rotting my integrity
Consumptive union seems to be
Expression of decline
My Plight
Too much time behind the wheels
Staccato bicker stuck on loud
The meaning fading in and cutting out
My My

Send a message
Send a message
Send a message signal overpowered
Send a message
Send a message
Send a sealed within a play cell

Whistling past the last offramp
Flabbergast and then revamped
Illuminated by oncoming lamps
Too light
Modulations here between
Deflecting stations with such ease
Discussion on a hidden frequency
My my

If you want
Listen to the static
If you want
Set the needle on to nowhere
If you want
I could make a statement
If you want
On the record
On the record
At last too much to work around
We hum hypnotic still on course
Transmigrants on a level stretch of road
My my

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