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Lips, Tits, Hips

This song is by Tilt and appears on the album 'Til It Kills (1995).

I got tired of that same old face
So I quit looking into the mirror
Such a sight
Here's a brand new girl with eyes
That are clearer
The older model never saw things
Quite right

Lips tits hips
Right down to the fingertips
Ten shades of beautiful
For every disorder
Lips tits hips
Right down to the fingertips
Just a hint of my misfortune

My make-over commence
Candy coated lips can
Coach me right along
No mess no fuss
Perfectly natch
I hope I learn what makes
Me look at things all wrong

I'd say she's a man's girl
Translucent with a bit of shine
I'd say she's a bad idea
Conditions as it deadens your mind

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