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Idiot Lips

This song is by Tilt and appears on the album Play Cell (1993).

Coupling cling and brawl
Coupling time to tell
Sympathy there's no need
Long as I can shut it up
I don't get an explanation
Furious complacency
I don't have to tell you
Nothing you don't know about yourself

Yeah I'm malevolent
You are incompetent
The smell in here is heaven scent
Our love remains incontinent

Sympathy there's no need
I know how to hurt another
Did it systematically
Furious complacency
Long as I can spit and breathe
I deserve an explanation

Tell me with an anxious fist
What you can't say with idiot lips
I maintain that someone taught us this
Beware of lovers bearing gifts

Pantomine above the din
'Cause I cannot hear a thing
We're so used to all the racket
That it seems like peace

Force yourself, cauterize
Bum it shut I don't want an explanation
Sympathy, there's no need
It seems like there's a force field around me
And I can't hear no
I can't hear a thing

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