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Forging A New Trend

This song is by Tiles and appears on the album Tiles (1994).

Some people follow out of admiration
Others copy just for fun
Even a few can find justification
A hand full copy no one

Many follow blindly without course
Always quick to defend
Things that linger from yesterday
Re-inventing that same old friend

Forging a newer trend
Stop the treadmill to think
Forging a newer trend
Vague ideas on the brink
Forging a newer trend
Searching for recognition
Forging a newer trend
Finding no reconciliation

Falling prey to craving success
Take solace in the tried and true
No one cares if it's beaten to death
Formula prosperity's not new
What once began as original
Can find mass appeal and approval
Smother an initial spark of brilliance
Becoming consumed at the public's disposal

Messages clear
- Retaliation in fear
Ridicule by peers
- Responding to self-expression
Set on your shoulders to bear
- Or still your vision

Change in direction amid worn out ideas
A tide of transforming perception
People copy to be what they're not
Lying to themselves - the saddest deception

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