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Calling Out

This song is by Tiles and appears on the album Tiles (1994).

Lights go on in the small town
Shining bright before the dawn
Secrets held in every corner
Cannot hide in the gleaming light

Fighting for survival this time
Darkness is crying out for peace
The situation that is brooding
Will always stay just beyond reach

Calling out - for making new plans
Calling out - for just one more chance
Calling out - for compromise ruling
Calling out - it's ourselves we are fooling

No pain or sorrow can be wrought
Light is fighting for the life it brought
No black veil to hide behind
No ticking clock for marking time

Visions for everyone to see
Catch a glimpse to believe
Looking toward a new horizon
For results of our solution

Lashing out in defense
Cause and deflect
Asking time and again
What to neglect

Calling Out...

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