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Highly Invisible & Out Of Control

This song is by Tiger Tunes and appears on the album Absolutely Worthless Compared To Important Books (2005).

Highly affordable and classy designed
Take a look in the mirror and you can touch the design
It will fit 'round your thighs and it will burn in your shoes
This is your mental patrol
"Looks like you're losing control".
Bring your nap-pack
Your map is no good in here
We're going head first in the hole
Into the maze in your soul
Haben Sie Haben Sie Pablo Éspañol
Chow down and smile politely.

I'd find a cab to take me home
If only my heart would stop beating so fast.

Highly affordable and classy designed
We broke the mirrors and the walls
And I'm taking this as a sign
Pumped up
We give up
Will this ever end?
Looks like we're stuck with seven years of bad luck.