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Your World

This song is by Tiffany For Breakfast.

(Written by Patrik Nitzsche)

My sexual satisfaction is my knife in your breast
I kill you 'cause you're a whore
You sell your mind to the people
I make my own religion, you have to live with my laws

If you won't support my spiritual redemption
We'll see us on the other side, you'll get chained and fucked to death

I make a hole in your head and fill it with shit
Just for fun! Just to see how you feel
I make a hole in your head and fill it with shit
You will be my zombie, my servant
Crawling out your eyes, my scalpel cuts through your flesh
My pleasure is your painful death

I can't stop to kill, I want to feel your cold skin
I want to smell your fucking cunt while you're hanging on the cross
Wrapped in plastic, thrown to the wolves
How does it feel to be nothing?

I want to hear your answer, spoken from your dead lips
Please tell me the answer, I want to hear you scream
Now you're burning in your own hell
Penetrated to death

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