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The Broken God Is Calling

This song is by Tiffany For Breakfast.

(Written by Hendrik Jakob)

I bear the request of liberty so let me liberate my madness and insanity
In a small cell are my endless thoughts forgotten

Sweet kisses rebirth the cold steel of my prison

Embraced by chains
Endless, stunning games

My god was broken by a little hand
I feel him now.
His demands stronger than a rising river
Faster than the lights swimming in your eyes
He's eating my shadow which you have planted
His storms deforming. All was written in stone. I open the hall, he's coming home

Unchained... Seperate...

Seperation from my big stone
Let me meditate and feel alone
My sickness is involved with bloody tears
The sadness - a struggle behind the young fears, the fears

So let me be to be
Close your eyes and lick my tears
Taste them to see
Our life is more than pain

Just let me sit on my stone
To feel coming home
Just let me meditate and separate

Honor and love

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