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My Circle's Origin

This song is by Tiffany For Breakfast.

It's one of those days where I stand in the mire
With thoughts crawling ferociously up the crypts of mental derangement
I close my eyes and render a nocturnal dream
Detached from time in this stream of consciousness

Another day gone - receive another night
Still no answer to this misery unfolding uncertainly inside myself
Eager to discover the unconscious
Reflections of false images, a mirror of dreams to never come true
Irrepressible thoughts carry a depriving insanity

The sweet scent of memories blurring before my mind's eye
To leave this thirsty man alone in the cold desert
Looking for the loving waters
To liberate body and soul from the present
And carry my arid shell forward towards life

You are my aphrodite
Satisfy my appetite
I must rise above the greed
Longing for my urgent need

Hunger for attention devours inner clarity
Brethren of souls, yet strangers of hearts
Dormant as my chance will come
To leave this obfuscated reality

Long forgotten fears emerging tacitly
Despise the lucky, become the pity

But at the end of the day I reach my circle's origin

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