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I'm Insane!

This song is by Tiffany For Breakfast.

(Written by Nicolas Carl and Patrik Nitzsche)

Cold and empty
Four Walls around me
I'm tied to my deathbed

These memories
All erased
My pain is beauty in their eyes
My face white coloured, blood splattered

I can feel the step wound in my arm
The injection of perplexity
Wash the blood from your face
Clean your mind - free your soul
Why are you so shy? Come to me!
I'll show you the eternity

Oh I want out

Empty Eyes around me
Cold claws behind me
Blurred faces, dulled pain
The needle takes me back to you

Angry smiles I can see
I know they're my enemies
They make a smile in my face
I am one of them

I'm insane!

What should I do?
They got me
What should they tell?
I'm insane!

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