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Demon In Your Heart

This song is by Tiffany For Breakfast.

(Written by Hendrik Jakob)

Hey my little boy
You are crying my name when you're asleep
So I feel the struggle and the sadistic pain in you
I have the answer for you
Come on come on my little friend
I see you're tired and depend
Before I overwhelmed your soul
It's all okay you're under my control
And when you sleep I will play my game of the fucking death

Remember this faggot
When we strike him down
With the knife in his lungs
He would lay down
Down on the bloody ground
He would lay down
He would lay down

Bitch you really know I love to lick blood and fear
You don't let us show the next target now
He treads you like a loser but no longer then
Before your fist and my might create a mace
Send all these pains in your vulnerable side

I will give you strength
Give it all give it all give it all give it all
Can we defeat them?
All enemies and many more
So hold his neck

Let's do it my friend!

Time to wake up!

Fire comes to ashes
And all is flowing in the wind
The agony was gone
Till the next dream my little friend
My little friend

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