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This song is by Tiffany For Breakfast.

(Written by Steve Uttenweiler)

Suddenly they found a river full of life
In an area so unfriendly
To anything that lives
And news spread faster
Than wild fire in those barren lands
To knock those from their chairs
Once settled down for good

Glooming bright
Like clotted angel tears
Blinding every earthen eye
Enraging human Tauri
By their mental infancy
As they strive for hidden purity

Cities built within days
As whole families are on their way
Leaving their homes a desolace
To find a new one at their destined place
Driven by perpetual engines
Fueled by prospect of wealth
As brothers become relentless
As dociles become repentless

So they enjoy for only a blink of their lifes
The fraud painted golden called bliss
And soon it will all vanish
As ghosts populate the empty shacks
Telling the tales of times long passed

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