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This song is by Tiffany and appears on the album Rose Tattoo (2011).

From The Motion Picture "Mega Python Vs. Gateroid"

Oh, you buyou boys
Better stick to the road
There's a wild evil churin
In these woods taking hold

She ain't looking for riches
She's just looking for souls

Don't you think you're gonna get away
Without being seen
'Cause that girl's gonna find ya
She's a serpentine

What the devil's forgotten
Well, it's right on her tongue
She gets all up inside you
Till your voodoo's undone

She's gonna tattoo you're heart
With a number 13
'Cause when that girl comes to finds you
She's a sepentine

Ooh... and when she starts to shed her skin
Ooh... she's gonna hook ya like original sin
Don't let her in!

Ooh... (she's gonna find ya, she's a serpentine)
Ooh... (she's gonna find ya)

She'll swallow you whole
With a taste for desire
Cool you with the breath
Then lead you straight to the fire

She's like Lilith the legend
But she's twice as mean
Ain't nothing gonna satisfy
That serpentine

Ooh... Ooh...

Ain't nothing gonna satisfy
That serpentine