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Flowers of Triumphant / I Hate Them Again

This song is by Thy Repentance and appears on the album Through the Twilight Eyes of Frost (1996).

The land of emerald ferns
Under the flag of heavens
Where a solitary yellow eye
Of eternal star
Is hearing my lost cry.

Where're you, children of dale?
I'm setting sail
To float through the pain
To oblivion
In tear - stained rain.

Foreign men have subverted
The temple of my sad dryad
I've seen wounded trees
Their broken branches
I deplore my bleeding earth.

Florescence like a flood
I'm falling in this depth
Florescence of blood
Of death.

I don't fell suffering more
The flames of sunset like the war
Bloodshot eye dies to be born
From the darkness
Which is covered
By wings of piebald unicorn.