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The Fatal Journey

This song is by Thy Primordial and appears on the album At the World of Untrodden Wonder (1999).

To the misanthropic paradise
To the darkness within the abys

My fatal journey begins

Haunted by the light of the day
Hiding in the shadows, awaiting the dusk,
The sweet darkness and the night
The sun forever drowned, forever drowned
In the night that drain through my restless soul
I slowly fade away, riding through the wind
My fatal journey takes me to the subterranean below
To treasures within the abyss I enter
And I leave everything behind

A lifetime has passed, though my victory is to be greater

I hide in deepest dusk
From light that wounds my soul
By sweet darkness
Wilt my soul remain black

My fatal journey ends

In the misanthropic paradise I am free
I no more have to hide
In the darkness from bleeding light
That once wound my soul

My victory is to be eternal

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