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The Burden of Time

This song is by Thy Primordial and appears on the album At the World of Untrodden Wonder (1999).

The watchers fell from grace
The burden is now thine,
The legacy,
From what thou hast been longing for
The secret treasure
Now is thine strength
Thine power for thee to find
The way of truly dark,
Vast inner gloom

Mayest the night spirit reappear

Thine bounds unbroken
The burden
Which thou can not fear
Together we can embrace the darkness
And thus it shall be

Evoked are all
As the embraced
Found was the way
Of our legacy dark
Together as one
We hast searched and found
And thus is wisdom
Proved once again
Of mysteries, elder eternal

Mayest the night spirit reappear

Our bounds, unbroken
The burden
Which we did not fear
Together we embraced the darkness
Exalted our own higher power

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