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Soul Affliction

This song is by Thy Primordial and appears on the album Pestilence Upon Mankind (2004).

Holy men in grace of god
Bastard son's, scum of the earth
Low-life worms, winding hypocrisy
Stained with the blood of the innocent
Deceivers in grace of god, deceptive slimes
Persecute the heretics, enemies to the church

With despise I spit your face

The fraternity of god
With soul affliction purify
I suffer my repentance
And curse this order, hypocrite order

Compelling confessions, inside I'm boiling
Hilarious laughter, subsist to defy
Lashes of the whip, shred the skin
Cleanse the blood, the imprisoned sin
Outstretched limbs tied on the rack
Glowing pins burst my eyes
A manifest of gods desire
Rend the veil and hear the call
Hear the call

Sparkling flames in grace of god
Consuming wrath devour the soul
A final curse spoken in tongues
Oh Master - bring damnation upon their souls

Let them drown in the lake of torment
Be hacked to death by the vultures of Hades
Strangled by the hands of the reaper
Ripped to shreds by the demons from hell

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