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Once on Fortunes Throne

This song is by Thy Primordial and appears on the album At the World of Untrodden Wonder (1999).

The dawn wilt never rise again
Sun hast fade forever

From the horizon came the cold, white moonlight
Shimmering through where trees hast become lifeless shadows
And seas down the valleys, storms hast turned to ice
Sunlight wilt never touch this soil again for only the
Storms of this barren landscape can live in such
Burdensome and withering atmosphere

The dawn wilt never rise again
God's light died with the sun
At dusk by enthralling tyranny
Sun hast fade forever

As the sun descended
They once again wilt walk the earth
The valiant knights
The noblest of ancient men
Heed their nocturnal call and
Mayest the pale moonlight
Shine therein from above

Long hast they dwelt in the darkness of unlight
Like belongings of death, secrets that man
Can not bear, evoked by storms winding
Through this land

Wilt they ever walk among us?
Yet, I know not
Wilt they ever walk among us?
Enwrapped by thoughts

Enwrapped by thoughts