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Grinding Black Madness

This song is by Thy Primordial and appears on the album Pestilence Upon Mankind (2004).

Let misery and chaos be befallen
Storm through from subterranean realms
Deceit the world, bring forth tragedies
In ferocious passion, enmity a bless
Drawing all the taste of damnation
The smell of corruption

Grinding black madness
Pulsating black malice

Cleanse the kingdom, ravage the realms
Pull the strings in euphoria
The dawn of time, godless time
Burst into dust insensiont
The humanly vital condition inevitable is death
A constant unit, no one shall the other spare

Condemned to pass its time
Earth will meet the true face of death
Experience the terror, descend into horror
Towards the end it marches on
Behind the corner awaits the fall
The abrupt end of all

Grinding black madness
Pulsating black malice

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