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At the World of Untrodden Wonder

This song is by Thy Primordial and appears on the album At the World of Untrodden Wonder (1999).

While ages passed, those that rides the night hast walked amidst
The stars and they hast walked the earth. But ages has passed.

They opened their eyes and in their wrath they beheld the
Abomination of those that ravaged the earth
From their black cavern at the centre of all infinity
They shalt re-enter and the stars will mark their arrival
They shalt rule what they once ruled

Let their penetrable darkness enter thine soul, the darkness,
Its form to men unknown. But speak not its name aloud,
The name of those that were when time was not

(Ride the night for beyond the twilight land thou shalt find
The frozen waste, the dark and mighty beware tread unto
The darkness and thou shalt know of thine nocturnal vision)

Dark clouds and mighty peakss that gleams beneath ancient
Stars where silent brood the titan towers and rear
Forbidden walls in timeless halls

For they hast raised their kingdom again unlocked
The doors of damnation and entered the gateway at the
Forbidden world of untrodden wonder

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