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Wicked Love

This song is by Thunderhead and appears on the album Busted At The Border (1990).

Sweet innocence she stole my heart with a hunger in her eyes
Little babe I'm yours no more, can see though your disguise

Wicked love, wicked love

With an evil walk and a magic talk
She's got me by the balls, little girls got me hooked
Can't break down the walls

Wicked love, wicked love

She's a dream turned nightmare
Everyone falls, she'll make ya feel your the only one

Don't take the bitch for granted, she's got everything ya need
When she's up and leavin' there's laughin' while ya bleed

Wicked love, wicked love

Gonna take all your money, shoot ya down in flames
She'll be thinkin' it's funny, another sucker in her little game

Wicked love, wicked love

She's got class lot's of flash
Everyone falls, she'll make ya feel you're the only one
She's so bad, the fuckin' nag

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